#13 – Flaming Fresco Restaurant

Flaming Fresco

In the mood for upscale Mexican food? Then find your way to Flaming Fresco, a little gem in downtown Redwood City, at 823 Hamilton Ave.  Authentic Mexican food that’s not served in gluttonous portions.

When I refer this place to friends, I dub it “high end Mexican” … which can be kind of an oxymoron if the only Mexican food you know is Chevy’s.  It’s a very nice, high-class place; not the type of place for a quick meal.  I’ve held a few client parties here, and the food has always been top notch.

My favorite recommendation is the Verde Blanca Roja (red, white & green) — a good combo plate which is absolutely mouth watering.  Their chips and homemade guac are also “like buttah”.

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