#10 – 5th Quarter Pizza

Sure, so ask 10 people their favorite pizza place and might just get 10 different answers. But I think sure to be on quite a few people’s “Top 3” pizza places is today’s entry, 5th Quarter Pizza, located for the last 26 years at 976 Woodside Rd.

The pizza’s good (as are the burgers, and the beer on tap), the atmosphere is low key, and it’s a great place to go after your soccer/t-ball/softball/whatever-your-sport game. Especially if you’ve got a handful of kids on your team that you just want them to run off and play games while the adults relax with a frosty beverage. Fellow softball coaches out there, you know what I’m talkin’ about!

One of the coolest things about this place is that I’ve heard that the owner kicks back some or all of the money he gets from all the video games, back to local schools. I’ve “heard” that’s the case — if anyone can confirm it, please do!

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