#8 – Pulgas Ridge Trail

Pulgas Ridge

Here in Redwood City, we’re surrounded by great hiking/running trails. Edgewood Park, Canada Trail, Huddart & Phleger in neighboring Woodside, and today, Pulgas Ridge.

In the Bay Area, you’ll hear a lot of rants about this 293-acre preserve. This former tuberculosis sanitarium owned by the city of San Francisco was transformed into an open space preserve in 1983 and the buildings were torn down in 1985.  Pulgas Ridge has a huge open space where dogs are allowed to be off-leash (but, mountain bikers and horses aren’t allowed in the preserve). Beware though, many people have adopted this off-leash policy for the trails, and that is against the rules. Stay out of the fray by putting your pooch on the leash, since it’s a short, 1.5-mile level hike to the dog-friendly open space.

Adventurous hikers and trail runners…be sure to make the whole loop on the Polly Geraci Trail, or the Dusky Footed Woodrat Trail.

But I ask — has anyone ever actually SEEN a dusky-footed woodrat?  I’ve seen deer and coyotes while out running this trail, but never woodrats!

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