Day 6 – Climbing on Handley Rock

Rock climbing, in the middle of Redwood City? Even if you’re not an avid rock climber, if you’ve got kids, this is a fun place for them to explore.

West Face of Handley Rock

Located on Handley Trail Way in the center of Emerald Hills (map here), Handley Rock Park features a 50-foot (15 m) monolith of sandstone,the largest formation of its kind in San Mateo County Situated on a one-half acre lot, this County-approved private park is operated by the Handley Rock Association, a group of local residents and rock-climbing enthusiasts.

This rock is closed to climbing the third weekend of the month. This rock is two tiered, both being aprox. 25′ high, with the upper tier — which looks like a skull — having the majority of climbing space.

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