#5 – Sancho’s Taqueria

I…love this place. What can I say, I know there’s plenty of Mexican restaurants in Redwood City.  Sancho’s, however, is my hands down favorite. The fish tacos, my fav, just melt in your mouth. You can see the entire menu, and their website here.

Located in Emerald Hills — off the beaten path of the usual area for restaurants — it’s at 3205 Oak Knoll Drive (map)

It’s been written up quite a few times over the years….way back in ’06 it got rave reviews from a writer who visited 85 taquerias in 10 weeks. His comments, in my opinion, still hold true today:

“I found most taquerias either do either burritos or tacos well, but rarely both with equal finesse. “Where?” my San Francisco friends demanded when they inquired after my favorite taqueria find.

“Sancho’s. In Redwood City,” I’d repeat confidently. Then I’d tell them the taqueria’s story.

As often happens in any facet of the restaurant industry, Adam Torres took a circuitous path before he became Sancho’s chef and owner.

“I owned a taqueria in Mountain View in 1998 during the dot-com boom,” says Torres. “But I didn’t really know much about food. Someone offered me a pretty penny to buy it, so I took them up on the offer.”

Torres used the money to send himself to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. His first job out of school was working as a line cook at Boulevard, followed by a stint at the Village Pub in Woodside.

But he felt he was missing something, so he moved back to Redwood City and, with financial help from his father, opened Sancho’s.

“Now I know what’s going on in the kitchen,” Torres says. “I personally watch over the food, taste everything every day, and show my staff what makes food taste good.”

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