#3 – Edgewood County Park


One of my favorite spots for running trails (and hiking). For you 49er trivia buffs, the hilly trails in Edgewood Park are one of the places that Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, and Keena Turner used to do their training runs.

Renowned throughout the Bay Area for its spectacular display of spring wildflowers, Edgewood Park occupies 467 acres of grasslands, chaparral, and wooded foothills between Highway 280 and the homes of Emerald Hills. Known for its biotic diversity, this small wilderness was declared a permanent natural preserve in 1993 with support from the EHHA, thus protecting it from any future development.

The park has four entrances: Old Stage Camp Road off Edgewood Road, the Sunset Trailhead off Hillcrest Way, Clarkia Way off Cañada Road, and the Sylvan Way Access. A well-maintained system of trails is open for hikers, joggers, and equestrians. A small-scale interpretive center is planned, near the main park entrance. For more info, visit the Friends of Edgewood site.

Edgewood’s recent history is also of interest. Since 1967 various development projects have been proposed, including a state college, a recreational complex, a solar energy facility, and a golf course. The golf course proposal generated considerable debate, starting in the early 1980’s when San Mateo County acquired the land and approved plans to develop an 18-hole golf course. It was not until the summer of 1993 that the County Board of Supervisors unanimously declared Edgewood County Park a Natural Preserve, protecting it from future development. In 1997, a completely revised Master Plan was adopted, recognizing protection, preservation, and restoration of Edgewood’s natural resources as the primary management objectives. Edgewood remains the only natural preserve in the San Mateo County park system. Its natural beauty is now enjoyed by well over 50,000 visitors every year.

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