#28 – Emerald Hills Railway

Before you say “what the h…?”, yes, you read that correctly.

Ok, so this is not going to be for everyone, but it’s something neat, quirky, and so not-very-well-known that it deserves a bit of fanfare. Plus, it’s free and when they are open, they often take contributions for charitable causes.

So yes, it runs in someone’s backyard, and yes, it’s a ‘miniature’ train. But where else can your kids get a cool little ride like this for free? (other than the mini-cattle-car-lookalikes inĀ San Mateo’s Central Park, and the occasionally-open train ride on Eaton Avenue in San Carlos).

Their website (not quite up to date, but this was all I could find) is here, and, if you search on FaceBook, they do have a fan page too!

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